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 My French Polynesian Honeymoon Pictures


Island #1  Tahiti- Stayed at the Radisson before flying to Moorea

                                   Pictures of the Radisson Tahiti

Island #2-Moorea- Stayed at the Hilton Moorea

                                    Landing in Moorea

                                    Pictures of the Resort

                                    Moorea Underwater Pictures

                                    Excursion- Pictures of shark and Sting Ray Feeding

                                    Excursion-Pictures from the 4x4 expedition

                                    Pictures of Sunsets and Sun Rises in Moorea

Island #3- Bora Bora- Stayed at the Hilton Bora Bora Nui

                                    Landing in Bora Bora

                                    Pictures of the Resort

                                    Underwater Pictures

                                     Excursion-Jet skiing around Bora Bora

                                     Excursion-Pictures from the 4x4 trip Part 1

                                                            -The WWII CannonsPart2

                                    Pictures of the Kardashians filming in Bora Bora

                                    Pictures of Sunsets and Sunrises in Bora Bora

                                    Pictures of Bloody Mary's Restaurant

                                    Leaving Bora Bora








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