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New HD Chemistry Demonstrations

Flour Bomb
This experiment involves any flammable powder, a paint can and a lit candle. Inside the sealed paint can, a dangerous explosion occurs when an air suspension of a flammable powder is ignited. Very nice, very loud and the ceiling may need some repairs. This is great for a chemistry demonstrations for surface area reaction rates.


Exploding Water In The Microwave

The heating of water in the microwave can actually be dangerous? Watch the video and see the potential hazards involved with this everyday activity. Water alone should never be heated in a microwave. Watch and find out why.

Making Imitation Silly Putty

No matter how many times I do this, I never get bored making it. Imitation silly putty. It acts like snot but it isn't sticky. It flows like slime but isn't greasy. The best part is you can make this "Silly Putty Like" substance at home. All you need is Borax and Glue.


Electroplating A Quarter

Quarters are nice and silvery. What if they looked like a big penny? This video shows you how to electroplate metal objects.

The term "Thermite" refers to the mixture of aluminum and ferric oxide used in this experiment. It is sold commercially and is used for such applications as railroad welding and incendiary bombs. Rust and aluminum are combined and ignited with a magnesium ribbon. Molten iron is produced and lots of energy is released. This demonstration produces heat at above 2800F or 1500C. Fe2O3 + 2 Al --> Al2O3 + 2 Fe Safety-This is an extremely DANGEROUS reaction and should only be done by trained professionals. Since YOU are not a trained professional DON"T try it.

Vanishing Water

This demonstration is used to confuse and spark the interest of all my students. I usually throw the water at them at the end of the demonstration. Unfortunately there were no volunteers when I made this. Enjoy the trick, I posted how to do it in another movie, if you are interested

 Human Flame Thrower
AKA Dragons Breath -Lycopodium powder explodes into flames when it is exposed to fire in dust form.
Vacuum Chamber Project #2 Boiling @ Room Temperature 

Can water boil at room temperature? For water molecules to escape from a liquid and become a gas they have to overcome atmospheric pressure. Ordinarily, that means that you have to heat the water up to 100 degrees Celsius, where its internal (vapor) pressure becomes 1 Atm. However if the atmospheric pressure is lowered (like in a vacuum jar) the water can boil at a much lower temperature.

Vanishing Water Revealed

WARNING*** WATCH THE VANISHING WATER TRICK FIRST This video reveals how the vanishing water trick is works. It is not magic but chemistry.



New HD Chemistry Demonstrations