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Fiber Optic Water A 532nm, 50mW laser is shot through a stream of water. The amazing fiber optic internal reflective properties of water is exposed.


Extreme Elephant Toothpaste Elephant toothpaste is the name given to the catalyzed decomposition reaction of 30% hydrogen peroxide that uses soap to collect the oxygen gas that is produced. It is a favorite of most students at chemistry shows.


Sodium and Potassium In Water  A very violent reaction of sodium and then potassium with water.
2Na + 2H2O --> 2NaOH + H2

2K + 2H2O -->2KOH + H2


Making Water Boil Using Ice -Ice in placed on a sealed flask and the water inside starts to boil. Muscle Wire (Nitinol) in HOT Water-Sometimes called the Smart Alloy, Muscle Wire or Memory Metal, is an alloy that "remembers" it shape. You can reshape the wire, but when heated it returns to the preset shape. Ever wonder how someone bends a spoon with their mind? Same metal.


Flammable Ice -Ice is added to a dry Pyrex bowl. When the Ice melts the water reacts with the calcium carbide (place on the bottom) to produce acetylene gas and calcium hydroxide. The acetylene gas then explodes into flames when a match is place on top. It will continue to burn even as the ice melts because it keeps producing acetylene until the calcium carbide runs out.

Nitric Acid Acts Upon Copper

AKA-Penny Operated Nitric Acid Fountain 

Nitric acid acts upon copper to yield nitric oxide in an exothermic reaction. The expanding gas displaces water from another flask; actually bubbles in this set up. When the gas cools, the water is drawn back into the flask, dissolving the nitric oxide and forming a blue solution with the copper ions still there. Very cool reaction.


Underwater Fireworks-Chlorine gas is bubbled up along with acetylene gas through a large graduated cylinder filled with water. Where the bubbles of the two collide, an instantaneous, bright flash of light occurs. Analyzing the Drinking Bird -When was the last time you saw one of these? This classic children's toy seems very simple but the chemistry involved is very interesting. Do you know how it works?


Imaginationland Creatures in a Vacuum (Easter Demo)-These cute creatures from Imaginationland are truly evil and are sentenced to the VACUUM CHAMBER. Watch Boyle's Law in action as these marshmallow creatures get what is coming to them.


Make Gold Pennies-Turn pennies from copper to silver then to gold with a few household chemicals.


Growing A Mini Stalagmite-A supersaturated solution of sodium acetate is dipped from a buret onto a watch glass. Watch it grow.

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