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Shapes of Orbitals and Sublevels

Orbitals are the region of the atom where there is a 90% probability of finding and electron. Orbitals hold 2 electrons.

The s-sublevel is made up of a singular orbital holding a maximum of 2 electrons. It is a spherical shape.

The 1s is the closest to the nucleus and is smaller that the 2s, which is smaller than the 3s and so on.

The p-sublevel is made up of a 3 identical dumbbell like orbitals.  Each one is situated on its own axis. They are at 90o angles from one and other.

The d-sublevel is made up of a 5 different orbitals and the sublevel holds a maximum of 10 electrons.

The f-sublevel is made up of a 7 different orbitals and holds a maximum of 14 electrons.


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