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Predicting Single Replacement Reactions



Step by Step rules

1. Check table J and see if the single element is above the element it will replace based on activity (metals replace metals and nonmetals replace nonmetals). you can see the reaction rates of different metals below.

2. If Yes, Write the formulas

3. Write the names of products (switch names)

4. Write the correct formulas of products, based on charge not original formula.

5. Balance

If the element that is to replace the other in the compound is higher on the chart, the reaction will occur. If it is below, there will be no reaction.



Zn + CuCl2   --->  ZnCl2 + Cu
Cl2 + 2NaBr   --->  2NaCl + Br2
Mg + 2HCl   --->  MgCl2 + H2
Cu + AgNO3   --->  Ag + Cu(NO3)2
Cu + AlCl3   --->no reaction
Fe + Cu(NO3)2  --->Fe(NO3)2 + Cu
Br2 + 2KI   --->  2KBr + I2
2Al + 3Pb(NO3)2   --->  2Pb + 2Al(NO3)3
Br2 + CaI2  ---> I2 + CaBr2
I2 + NaCl   --->no reaction

Copper metal in a solution of silver nitrate produces Silver metal and blue copper nitrate solution.

web stats analysis


Here is an online lab simulation involving single replacement reactions.


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