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Covalent Bond Formation Like Dissolves Like Electrical Conductivity of Solutions
Ionic Bond Formation

sharing electron

Cloud in a flask

Electronegativity of the Elements

Body-centered Cubic ammonia fountain
Polarity of Molecules Formal Charges Movie 5 tiered ammonia fountain
VSEPR Valence Shell Electron repulsion Theory Gain and Loss of Electrons

Cubic Unit Cell 

Ionization Energy

H2 Bond Formation Magnet and liquid N2

Hybridization of Carbons orbitals sp2 and sp3

Molecular Shape and Hybridization Magnet and liquid O2

Paramagnetism of Liquid Oxygen 

Diamond Surface Tension (intermolecular forces) of Water Experiment Determining the Empirical Formula of a Compound from Its Molecular Formula
Graphite Van der Waal Empirical formula defined
Drawing Lewis Dot Structures obtaining an octet of electrons Reaction of Hydrogen and Oxygen
polar covalent bonds and non-polar covalent bonds (electronegativity) VSEPR Wax Explosion
Dissolution of NaCl in Water H-bonding P8 + O2 (l)#1     #2
Sodium chloride dissolving in water Hybrid Orbitals BF3+NH3
Delocalized Molecular Orbitals (Benzene pi bonds) Using a Spec-20 to determine the concentration of solutions Bonding Review movie

Chemical Demonstration Videos