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Vacuum Chamber Demonstrations

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Executing the Marshmallow Man

Marshmallow Man has been convicted and has been sentenced to death by vacuum. This amazing video demonstrates what would happen to a marshmallow man in space.


Mallomars Transformers

When Mallomars are placed into a vacuum they go through a cool transformation. The marshmallow inside expands and breaks throught the chocolate coating. Interestingly, when the pressure is reapplied the mallomars go back to its original cookie shape.

Vacuum Chamber Project #1 Shaving Cream
Shaving cream is placed into a vacuum chamber, then the vacuum is turned on. The chemicals are arranged such that there are many pockets of air trapped inside the shaving cream. The air pockets in shaving cream will expand in a vacuum. As the pressure gradually decreases the volume of the shaving cream get bigger and eventually fills the jar. This is a great example of Boyle's Law which shows an indirect relationship between pressure and volume.
Vacuum Chamber Project #2 Boiling @ Room Temperature 

Can water boil at room temperature? For water molecules to escape from a liquid and become a gas they have to overcome atmospheric pressure. Ordinarily, that means that you have to heat the water up to 100 degrees Celsius, where its internal (vapor) pressure becomes 1 Atm. However if the atmosphric pressure is lowered (like in a vacuum jar) the water can boil at a much lower temperature.


Vacuum Chamber Project #3 Inflating a Balloon

A partially filled balloon is placed into a vacuum chamber. Whe the vacuum is turned on the pressure exerted on the balloon decreases and the balloon can expand until the bell jar is completely filled. When the air is allowed back in the jar, the pressure is reestablished and the balloon returns to its original volume. This is a great example of Boyle's Law which shows an indirect relationship between pressure and volume. 


Vacuum Chamber Project #4 Freezing while Boiling @ Room Temperature 

This can actually happen. It seems unnatural, but the laws of physics don't lie. Liquids require heat to boil, and if the conditions are right one liquid can be boiled in order to freeze a second. Under a vacuum, the water in an acetone/water mixure can freeze while the acetone boils. Watch the video and see for yourself.



Imaginationland Creatures in a Vacuum

These cute creatures from Imaginationland are truely evil and are sentenced to the VACUUM CHAMBER. Watch Boyle's Law in action as these marshmallow creatures get what is coming to them.

A Broken Heart For Valentine's Day

Watch my heart get broken just in time for Valentines Day. A marshmallow filled chocolate heart is placed into a vacuum and allowed to expand. Then I let my heart get crushed when the air is let back in. Kind of like what happens in life.

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