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Hydrogen Explosion Clock reaction Airbags

Common Ion Effect

Flour Bomb

ammonia fountain

Entropy of a Rubber Band


Bimolecular Reaction

Destruction Stratospheric Ozone H2O2 decomposition Catalysis
Dissolution of NaCl in Water

Orange Tornado

Stratospheric Ozone

First Order Process

My Flour Bomb

Temperature Depend Equilibrium
NO2andDinitrogenTetraoxide Genie in a Bottle

Elephant Toothpaste

NO2-N2O4Equilibrium Temperature and Equilibrium

Heat of solution experiments Dissolving ionic salts in water in a calorimeter.

orange juice clock reaction Electrical Conductivity of Solutions Heat of neutralization experiment Reacting an acid with a base in a calorimeter
Enthalpy of a Chemical Reaction Thermite Endothermic Reaction  

Chemical Demonstration Videos