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Nuclear Fission/Fusion

1946 A Tale of Two Cities

1951-Duck and Cover information film

Atomic Bomb Test Footage

1951-Survival Under Atomic Attack

 1953 Nuclear Fission Film

1953 Target You 

1953 A is for Atom Nuclear Reaction Sequence


(1956) Alert Today, Alive Tomorrow 


(1957 CBS )The Day Called X 


(1964 Revision)Operation Cue 


April 26, 1986-Chernobyl Disaster Fly Over (Glowing Core)

April 28, 1986-Chernobyl Russian Soviet TV News Announcement

April 1986-Chernobyl Helicopter Anti-Radiation Neutron Absorbers Drop Attempts


Chernobyl Clean Up Workers (Biorobots)

Chernobyl The True Scale of the Accident

Scientific American Reactor Tour

 Inside the Tokamak Magnetic "Donut" Fusion Reactor. 100 million Kelvin and there are nice examples of Plasmas


 Largest Nuclear Detonation-100 Megaton Tsar Bomb

Chemical Demonstration Videos