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alcohol bond angle


What are alcohols?

Alcohols are compounds in which one or more hydrogen atoms in an alkane have been replaced by a hydroxyl (-OH) group. 

OH- is hydroxide, but in organic chemistry side chains end with-yl.

Nomenclature-In the IUPAC system, the name of the alkane chain loses the terminal "e" and adds "ol", e.g. "methanol" and "ethanol".

Primary, secondary, and tertiary alcohols

Primary(1)- the C-OH is attached to one other carbon (on the end)

Secondary(2)- the C-OH is attached to two other carbons

Tertiary(3)- the C-OH is attached to three other carbons


Highlight to Reveal the Answers Below-Naming and classifying practice

Structure Names Mono, di or trihydoroxy For monohydroxy only

primary, secondary or tertiary

2-butanol Mono secondary
1-propanol Mono primary
methyl-2-propanol Mono tertiary
2-propanol Mono secondary
3-methyl-2-propanol Mono secondary
2-butanol Mono secondary
1,2,-ethandiol dihydroxy NA
1,2,3-propanetriol trihydoxy NA

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