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Ch 2 Atoms, Molecules and Ions 

2.1 The Early History of Chemistry

2.2 Fundamental Laws of Chemistry

Law of Conservation of Mass

Law of Definite Proportion

Law of Multiple Proportion

2.3 Dalton's Atomic Theory

Dalton's Model of the Atom 

2.4 Early Experiments to Characterize the Atom-

J.J. Thompson

Milliken's Oil Drop Experiment


2.5 The Modern View of Atomic Structure: An Introduction-

Properties of the Subatomic Particles (protons, neutrons and electrons)

Determining Protons, Neutrons and electrons

2.6 Molecules and Ions-

2.7 An Introduction to the Periodic Table-

 Metals, Nonmetals and Metalloids

2.8 Naming Compounds-

Naming Binary Ionic Compounds

Naming with Roman Numerals  

Polyatomic Ions

Naming with Polyatomic Ions  

Naming Covalent Compounds

Naming Acids

Formula Writing


Dr. Otts Video Lectures        Chapter 2

2000 years of Chemistry and Dalton's Atomic Theory 8 min flash google video
Atomic Structure Introduction 9.5 min flash google video
Radioactivity and Chemical Symbols 11 min  flash google video
Molecular Formulae 6.5 min flash  
Naming and Predicting Charges on Ions 10 min flash google video
 Naming Molecules 12 min flash   google video
 Polyatomic Ions and Naming Acids and Bases 9.5 min  flash  google video

  Chemical Demonstration Videos