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3.1 Atomic Masses-

Atomic Mass Calculations

3.2 The Mole-

The Mole

Mole Conversions

3.3 Molar Mass-

Molecular Mass 

Molar Mass of a Hydrate

3.4 Percent Composition-

Percent Composition by Mass

Percent Water in a Hydrate

 3.5 Determining the Formula of A Compound-

Empirical Formula Calculations Using Combustion Analysis

Empirical Formulas and Molecular Formulas from Percent

3.6 Chemical Equations-

See Balancing Chemical Equations

3.7-Balancing Chemical Equations-

Balancing Chemical Equations

3.8 Stoichiometric Calculations: Amounts of Reactants and Products-

Reaction Stoichiometry

3.9 Calculations involving a Limiting Reactant-

Stoichiometry Limiting Concept Problems

Stoichiometry Limiting Problems

Percent Yield Concept

Percent Yield and Limiting Stoichiometry

Dr. Otts Video Lectures Chapter 3

Balancing Chemical Equation 17.5 min flash google video
Kinds of Chemical Equations 4.5 min flash google video
Moles and Molecular Weight 12 min  flash google video
Mass Percent and Emperical Formula 8.5 min flash google video
Using Balanced Chemical Equations  7 min flash google video
Limiting Reagents 11 min  flash google video

Chemical Demonstration Videos