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Types of Chemical Reactions and Solution Stoichiometry

4.1 Water the Common Solvent-

Water the Solvent

Lewis Structure of Water

Like Dissolves Like and Molecule-Ion Attractions

4.2 The Nature of Aqueous Solutions: Strong and Weak Electrolytes-

Strong and Weak Electrolytes

4.3 Composition of Solutions-


Ion Concentration from Solution Concentration

How to prepare a Solution

Solution Dilution

4.4 Types of Chemical Reactions-

Types of Chemical Reactions

4.5 Precipitation Reaction-

Predicting Precipitation Reactions

4.6 Describing Reactions in a Solution-

Writing Reactions given Formulas (Molecular, Ionic and Net Ionic)

Writing Reactions given Names (Molecular, Ionic and Net Ionic)

4.7 Stoichiometry of Precipitation Reactions-

Stoichiometry of Precipitation Reactions and Remaining Ion Concentration

4.8 Acid-Base Reactions-



4.9 Oxidation-Reductions Reactions-

What is Redox?

Redox- Oxidation Numbers

Oxidizing and Reducing Agents

Identifying Redox Reactions

4.10 Balancing Oxidation-Reduction Reactions-

Balancing Redox Reactions (includes Acidic and Basic Conditions)


Dr. Otts Video Lectures Chapter 4

Definition of Electrolytes and Concentration 7 min flash
Precipitation Reactions 16 min flash
Acid Base Neutralization Reactions 11.5 min  flash
Oxidation/ Reduction (REDOX) Reactions  11 min flash
Aqueous Phase Stoichiometric Calculations  14 min flash


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