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Dr. Ott's Chemistry Lessons Chapters 5-8

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Chapter 5

Energy Introductions (Definitions) 13.5 min flash google video
Enthalpy 11 min flash google video
Heat Capacity and Specific Heat 15 min  flash google video
Hess's Law 12 min flash google video
Energy from Food and Fuels 6 min flash google video

Chapter 6

Waves, Blackbody Radiation and the Work of Planck 17 min flash google video
Emmision Spectra and the Bohr Model of the Atom 11 min flash google video
deBroglie Wavelength 7 min flash google video
Quantum Numbers  16 min flash google video
Electronic Configurations  22 min flash google video

Chapter 7
Effective Nuclear Charge 7 min flash
Periodic Trends - Atomic Radius 10 min flash
Periodic Trends - Ionization Energy 12 min  flash
Periodic Trends - Electron Affinity  8 min flash
Metals, Nonmetals and Major Groups of the Periodic Table  26.5 min flash

Chapter 8
Octet Rule 5.5 min flash
Ionic and Covalent Bonding 16 min flash  
Electronegativity and Dipole Moment 9 min  flash  
Drawing Lewis Structures  11 min flash  
Bond Order and Bond Length    min flash  
Resonance   flash  
Octet Rule Exceptions   flash  

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