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Dr. Ott's Chemistry Lessons Chapters 9-12

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Chapter 9
Electron Domain Geometry 8 min flash
Molecular Geometry 21 min flash
Bond Angles and Dipole Moment 7.5 min  flash
Hybridization  18 min flash
Sigma and Pi Bonding  6 min flash
Valence Bond Theory and Molecular Orbital Theory  22 min flash

Chapter 10

 Gas Pressure 9 min flash
Gas Laws 8 min flash
Ideal Gas Law Calculations 16 min  flash
Dalton's Law of Partial Pressure and Mole Fraction  9 min flash
Kinetic Molecular Theory, Diffusion, and Effusion  13 min flash
van der Waal's Gases 7.5 min  flash

Chapter 11

Intermolecular Forces 23.5 min flash
Phase Changes 17.5 min flash
Vapor Pressure 13.5 min  flash
Boiling and Phase Diagrams  10 min flash
Bonding in Solids 4.5 min  flash

No Chapter 12

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