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Advanced Regents Chemistry (High School)

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Advanced Placement "AP" Chemistry

(College Chemistry 101)

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CH 1 Chemical Foundations  Ch 10  Liquids and Solids 
Ch 2 Atoms, Molecules, and Ions  Ch 11 Properties of Solutions 
Ch 3 Stoichiometry  Ch 12 Chemical Kinetics 
Ch 4 Types of Chemical Reactions and Solution Stoichiometry Ch 13 Chemical Equilibrium 
 Ch 5 Gases  Ch 14 Acids and Bases
Ch 6 Thermochemistry  Ch 15 Acid-Base Equilibra 
Ch 7 Atomic Structure and Periodicity  Ch 16 Solubility and Complex Ion Equilibra
Ch 8 Bonding: General Concepts  Ch 17 Spontaneity, Entropy, and Free Energy 
Ch 9 Covalent Bonding: Orbitals  Ch 18 Electrochemistry

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