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5.1 Pressure



5.2 The Gas Laws of Boyle, Charles, and Avogadro

Boyle's Law

Charles Law

Molar Volume of a gas Avagodro's Law (hypothesis)

Gay Lussac's Law

5.3 The Ideal Gas Law

Ideal Gas Law

5.4 Gas Stoichiometry

Gas Stoichiometry

Density of Gases

 Density and Molar Mass of Gases (Not at STP)

5.5 Daltons Law of Partial Pressure

Dalton's Law of Partial Pressure

Partial Pressure and Mole Fractions

Stoichiometry Using Daltons Law of Partial Pressures

5.6 The Kinetic Molecular Theory

Kinetic Theory of Gases (Ideal Gas)

Root Mean Square Velocity

5.7 Effusion and Diffusion

Grahams Law of Effusion

5.8 Real Gases

Van der Waals Equation

5.9 Chemistry of the Atmosphere


Dr. Otts Video Lectures Gases

 Gas Pressure 9 min flash google video
Gas Laws 8 min flash google video
Ideal Gas Law Calculations 16 min  flash google video
Dalton's Law of Partial Pressure and Mole Fraction  9 min flash google video
Kinetic Molecular Theory, DIffusion, and Effusion  13 min flash google video
van der Waal's Gases 7.5 min  flash google video

Chemical Demonstration Videos